The Forest of Dean Camera Club
FODCC Constitution
1. Title
The organisation is to be called the Forest of Dean Camera Club hereafter referred to as `The Club`.
The club is affilliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF).
2. Objectives
The objectives of The Club are:
3. Alterations to this Constitution
Alterations to matters of the constitution can only be made at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or and Extra General Meeting (EGM) following the notice procedure described.

4. Committee & Ordinary Members
Club Officials will be as follows:
5. Membership
Membership to The Club is gained by paying the agreed subscription. Only paid up members are eligible to enter into the club competitions.

Members are expected to abide by the constitution and rules of The Club.

Members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by, and remain under the supervision of, a responsible adult/guardian.

Members are expected to abide by the constitution and rules of The Club

Honorary Life Membership can be granted to anyone who has given outstanding long service to The Club. They would enjoy the same privileges as a full member without paying a membership fee. Honorary Life Membership can only be proposed and granted at an A.G.M. following prior agreement by the committee.

A member failing to conduct themselves in The Club's interest can be directed to leave the meeting by the Chair. Should this conduct continue the committee is empowered, after due deliberation, to cancel membership.

6. Subscriptions
A membership subscription shall be proposed and approved annually at the general meeting by a majority vote of the members. Full members should pay their subscription on or before the first meeting they attend of each new season.
7. Conduct During Committee Meetings
Only one person to speak at a time.

All matters should be addressed to the meeting through The Chair.

An officer, committee member or ordinary member failing to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to The Club's interest can be directed to leave the meeting by The Chair. Should this conduct continue, the committee is empowered to remove that person from office after due deliberation.

8. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
This meeting shall be held annually where the the following business will be transacted:
9. Ordinary Committee Meetings
These are to be held as necessary, to conduct relevant business. They shall be attended by the elected officers & committee and open to other members.
10. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)
These meetings shall be called at the request of five or more members to conduct special urgent business:
11. Voting Procedure
At AGM`s and EGM`s only members and honorary life members are eligible to vote.

At Committee meetings only current committee members are eligible to vote.

Decisions will be made by a simple majority vote.

The Chair shall be entitled to vote in the first instance and have a casting vote.

The Chair`s ruling on matters of procedure is final.

12. Quorum
No decisions of major financial or other important matters shall be made at any meeting unless a quorum of five is present.
13. Sub Committees
The committee can enlist the help of any member to form a sub-committee as and when necessary.

As approved March 10th 2021