The Forest of Dean Camera Club
Privacy Policy

The Forest of Dean Camera Club (FODCC) will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP).

There are legitimate interests for the club collecting your personal data, in accordance with article 6(1)f of the GDRP. The FODCC needs to know who its members are, and to have sufficient contact details so that the members can be uniquely identified. The FODCC may also handle images from members and make records of entries to events and of any results.

Additionally, the FODCC needs to know about members in the recent past, about potential members and about contacts within other organisations. There are also retained historical records e.g. programmes and award winners.

To facilitate the running of the FDCC your personal data will be held for a maximum period of two years from the date of this agreement. Historical records may be retained beyond this period but will be limited to name only, i.e. Competition Winner 2018: Joe Bloggs.

Your contact details will only be shared with the FODCC committee members in accordance with their roles and responsibilities. Email circulations will include your email address only in the `Bcc` section of the email header unless you are otherwise advised appropriately.

Your contact details will not be shared with any third parties.

You are entitled to access your personal data held by the FODCC.

You may request that the FDCC erases your personal data, this will only apply if you are no longer a member of the club and will not normally include any historical records.

For any matters in relation to your personal data held by the FODCC contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the club meet?

Meetings are every Monday from 19.15, with a 19.30 start until around 21.45 from September until May.
Meetings are held at Viney Hill St. Swithins Sports and Social Club (GL15 4NF) and there is plenty of parking on site.

During the summer the club meets every second Monday of the month at the Rising Sun in Moseley Green and we regularly have group trips out especially in the Summer.

How can I become a member and how much does it cost?

Please see the Membership section on our Club page for rates, information and the benefits of becoming a member.
If you have any more questions regarding membership please contact us for more information.

I am unsure if a camera club is the thing for me, can I come along for a session to give it a try?

Yes. All those interested in becoming a member can attend two sessions before deciding whether to join as a full member, just send us an email beforehand letting us know that you will be attending.

Who runs FODCC?

Forest of Dean Camera Club is made up by its members and run by the committee.
The committee consists of around 10-12 members who meet regularly to organise the club and to deal with all the admin.
Committee members are elected at the end of the season at the AGM.

What do you do at FODCC?

Weekly sessions on a Monday consist of a variety of different things.
The majority of evenings are filled by external speakers who come in and show us prints/digital projections of their work and explain the work that they do with the opportunity to ask questions.
Other evenings include member`s evenings where we bring in our own prints/digital projections and get feedback, practical evenings where we might set up a studio for example and have a go with lighting, kit evenings and also competition evenings.
We also have an annual battle with Gloucester Camera Club.

Summer meetings are more general where we catch up and have a drink. However we usually bring our cameras along and organise dates out.
Every now and again members will also spend an evening or a Saturday out somewhere, however this is up to members to organise between themselves as it is not a formal occasion.

What competitions can you enter being a member?

FODCC runs an internal competition during the season.
This consists of around 6 rounds with colour and monochrome sections both printed and digital images.
Images are then sent away to an external judge who then visits the club on a competition evening and gives feedback on each image, allocating a score out of 20. and allocating first, second, third, highly commended and commended.
The points are added up throughout the year then at the end of every season trophies are awarded.

The club also receives regular emails about national competitions which are forwarded on to members and the exhibition secretary will also make announcement about upcoming local/national exhibitions.

Who do I send my D.I. entries to for club competitions?

The club now offers our members the facility to upload your DPI's via the Members Area of our website.
When you first join the club you will be given a unique ID number which will give you access to this Members Area.