The Forest of Dean Camera Club
Special events are open to the general public and are shown via zoom.

There may be a small charge to participate in a special event and this should be paid by bank transfer (BACS).

Pre-registering for these events means we can reserve your invitation and our bank and contact details will be emailed to you.
Special Events
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Meetings commence at 7.15pm unless otherwise stated.
Sandie Cox
Judging - Club Comp No.5
Mon 24th Jan
** £5 Special Event **
Sandie is an appointed judge for the Western Counties Photographic Federation and judge at camera clubs around the country, and also judges national and international competitions.
Aleks Gjika
Battle Newent/Stroud
Mon 31st Jan
** £5 Special Event **
Personally I find it a bit difficult to make the ’self teaching’ claim when I have read so many photography books, magazines, have attended numerous lectures by great photographers, have participated in countless competitions locally, nationally and internationally and received feedback through these events for over 10 years.
Scott Latham
Conservation Now, Gone Or Recovery
Mon 7th Feb
** £5 Special Event **
Paying particular attention to the conservation issues, but also considering the importance of good fieldcraft and observation on your own patch.

During the talk I touch on my editing workflow, an area of photography often discussed and explored in magazines and on the web. However despite all that people still find photoshop a mystery at times
Eddy Lane
The Tropic Of Capricorn
Mon 14th Feb
** £5 Special Event **
Ralph Snook
Judging - Panels Comp
Mon 21st Feb
** £5 Special Event **
Committee Meeting
Tue 22nd Feb
Eddy Lane
Gloucester Battle
Mon 28th Feb
** £5 Special Event **
Members Evening
Mon 7th Mar
** £5 Special Event **
James Kerwin
Abandoned Architecture
Mon 14th Mar
** £5 Special Event **
In 2014 I began shooting my first abandoned building series ’Decadence’, and six years on I have now built up a large portfolio taken in some of the most striking locations in Europe and beyond.
My primary focus is capturing rich colour palettes and straight lines in the camera, then utilising modern post-processing techniques to develop each photograph
Jack Boskett
Flash Bang Wallop
Mon 21st Mar
** £5 Special Event **
Jack Boskett is a firmly established professional photographer and actor based in Gloucestershire.
His photographs are widely sought after and regularly published in the national newspapers and magazines.

His accolades include working for large commercial companies and he continues to work alongside royalty and famous faces of stage and screen.
Johnnie Rogers
The Magic Of Monochrome
Mon 28th Mar
** £5 Special Event **
I firmly believe it is important to give back something that has given me so much enjoyment over the years.
Nothing is more thrilling than to see a beginner proudly displaying their first images, no less thrilling than seeing an image develop from nothing before your eyes in the days of chemicals!
G Walton
Judging - Photo Of The Year
Mon 4th Apr
** £5 Special Event **
Mon 11th Apr
** £5 Special Event **